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Wall signs, 2002-2016

WALL SIGNS, 2002-2016
12 magnifying loupes, wall
Magnifying loupes are placed over preexisting, un-doctored, found marks (scratches, indents, etc.), that always dwell on a seemingly empty wall.
Each magnified mark is given a title.
With each reinstallation - configuration of the loupes, the imagery within them, and the titles change.

Magnification brings them to the viewer’s attention and gives them importance.  These chosen marks resemble some familiar objects, beings, situations, or phenomena.  This determines the titles I assign to each of them.  Each title has to ring true (even when it seems rather obscure) and have a certain poetic or humorous slant to it.

from top left to bottom right:

1. Dodo
2. Sarcophagus
3. Flying Black Hole
4. Golden Eye
5. Gull
6. Crystal Elephant
7. Colony
8. Lukasz
9. Mouth
10. Frozen River
11. Blade
12. What I Saw at the Lake