Adam Niklewicz Sculpture

OKNO, 2000

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OKNO, 2000

OKNO, 2000
wood, light boxes, timer, extension cord
44" x 24" x 1"

This window consists of six flat light-boxes that emit a cool, subdued (day time like) glow. An installed timing device causes the light to go off after several hours of operation, to make it return following several hours of “darkness”. Both modes complete a 24 hour cycle. The “day time” mode of the window is synchronized with the actual day time in Poland (six hours difference from the USA, eastern time zone).

The timing device gets adjusted periodically to match the changing sunrise-sunset intervals. At the moment, the window activates 40 minutes past midnight (our local time), and goes “dark” at 1:30pm.

Okno means window in Polish.

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